Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Big Brothers

Big Brothers have such a rough life. Someone is always climbing on them or laying on them. 
And of course when you are the baby and mama is not giving you what you want you have to run to your big brother.
He says he is not going to have a bunch of kids when he grows up but I wonder. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Season Is Almost Over

This weekend was a amazing at the farmers market. We have less vendors now that the season is over. But the customers are amazing. 
I have learned so much over the summer. I have learned that I love spending time with my daughter.  I have learned that I need to really stock up on supplies so I do not have to shop every week.

This weekend we also worked at a craft fair. I do believe Jacob enjoyed setting up and testing the food for me. I have already started preparing for next year. I found this adorable mason jar chalk board to hang up. My husband is going to make me a bunch of mini ones to use as price signs instead of paper signs. 


Thursday, October 16, 2014


I know I have written about SAMs club before and know it is not sponsored. I just really like SAMs club. 
I love that I can feed my family of 9 for $15. I love that my kids will behave as I walk the entire store because they know at the end a pretzel will be waiting on them.
It is a sad day when something happens and pretzels are not available. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Love

When you are the baby brother in a large family you are constantly given attention. Rather you like it or not.
Some days it is big sister reading to you and sometimes it is big brother dressing you in his pajamas to show momma how big he is. 

Some how he survives and keeps coming back to them. I love that they love on him all the time. 
On a side note, yes I am showing you my house with a mess in the floor. Because sometimes I need to admit my house is not perfectly clean. 

Sick Baby

Please pray for this little boy this morning.  A month ago we went in for his well baby and was told he had a double ear infection. No one knew because he was happy. 

Last week he got a cold. I did not think much about it but after a week of a cough that sounded horrible and a low grade fever I decided to take him in. Guess what? While he was smiling in the waiting room he changed when they started looking at his ears. He has a double ear infection and eye infection and a cold. My poor baby. Please pray he feels better soon. 
On a side note is this not the cutest outfit ever. I love a little boy in a button up.
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