Saturday, September 13, 2014

What Dad

Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Brother

I love this boy and refuse to allow myself to believe that he is turning 18 soon. 
I refuse to believe this is the last year of schooling I have with him. He talks about going away to college and I wonder how his brothers will handle him being gone. 

Who will wrestle with them. It is hard for me to believe one day I will have three teenage boys wrestling in my living room. I do not think I will ever be ready for that.
Ok, she looks weird here. But she cannot stand him playing with the boys. She has to be involved in the wrestling. 


Happy Birthday

I saw a picture of a woman in labor today and I could smell it. I could smell the hospital. I could smell that precious new baby smell. I cannot think of anything more pleasurable than those first few moments after birth when you get to hold your new born. Some times I remind myself to just take a moment and stop and take him in. Listen to his giggles. Listen to his cries. Watch his little waddle because soon he will be running faster than I can watch. 
I love how he needs me. How he snuggles into me to let me know he needs to nurse. I love how he reaches for Faith and Michael when they are close. I love how he practically runs up the stairs and if I see him he giggles. 

Feeling Beachie

The statements: 1. The beach is _calling me, warm and sunny and oh the sound. Please just for a few hours.____ 2. Smartphones are __addicting and helpful and full of problems and making us anti-social and I cannot live without mine.__ 3. I like to _sing. I am not good at it but I love to sing___ 4. My dream ___gift___________ would be __to allow my husband to retire and stay home full time. Give him time to fish and hunt and help with math and finish college and rest his back and his lungs and not worry about deploying or his health. ___________
Feeling Beachie

Thursday, September 11, 2014

He is Not Allowed

Just so you know I am not planning a first birthday party for this blessing because I want to live in denial that my baby boy is turning a year old next month .

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