Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ISPY Quilt

I am hosting a quilt square exchange to help make a ISPY quilt. If you are interested I. Joining please let me know. I cannot wait to see all the neat quilts that will be made. 

Chicken Treats

I can't risk my babies getting hot so I made them a snack of homemade yogurt and frozen strawberry scraps. They loved it. The kids are not fond of the yogurt but enjoy it in smoothies.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Providing Shade

Baby brother has learned to crawl. Which means that he now crawls around at the farmers market. Grace decided that he needed shade so she crawled over him. 

Rained Out-Farmers Market

Do you see what I see? Yep, a fly. A stinking  fly. Here I am setting in my car with a good book and no children enjoying the rain. It would be perfect. Seriously I have not had time to just set in ..... I can't remember how long. I could even nap. Except there is this little fly who is bugging me. Actually I bet there are 20 in here. 
 Oh why am I setting in the car in the rain at 7am. Because today is farmers market day and the other vendor assured me they would set up to. They are all here setting in there cars too. 
How is the farmers market going? Well today I have sold nothing. Any guesses why? 
Seriously, I am really enjoying it. I enjoy the other vendors. I really enjoy setting in the kitchen while my husband makes jellies and pickles and salsa. It gives us time to talk. I enjoy having my girls work the farmer market with me.
 This week we worked at a assisted living home. It was amazing. I love elderly people. I love seeing there soft skin and listening to there stories and answering there questions. I loved watching my teen son talk to them and try to decide if what they were saying made since or not. It went really well and we have already been asked to come back. 
The farmers market is a lot of work but we are learning how to make it happen. And in the process we are working on our relationship together. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grape Jelly

We are learning to can. It is a slow process. I saw a recipe for grape jelly and knew I had to try it. Of course I found the idea on Pinterest. I love Pinterest and am really trying to make more of what I pin. 
Sadly, the one I made it for says he will not taste it. What he does not know is I already combined my grape jelly with his store bought jelly. Once he has eaten a few jars I will tell him what we have done. 
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