Sunday, August 25, 2013

38 Weeks

This week I was told by two people who never met me that I am having a boy. I guess that guarantees it. This morning someone told me I would be having the baby this week. I always laugh at this stage. One part of me wants this baby boy in my arms right this second. The other part of me already mourns the fact that he will not be my little special treasure to enjoy by myself. This week I have been working on our school schedule and you would think having a new baby would not worry me but for some reason I just cannot imagine stopping to feed a baby and snuggle with a baby regularly and keeping up with school. So glad we have worked through the summer (for the most part) so we can take it slow. The one thing I have learned is babies do not stay babies for long and I want to enjoy every minute. I am now back to seeing the doctor every week (just like the first part of my pregnancy). It is funny because I set in the waiting room and have a hard time not laughing at myself. I remember how many weeks I set there and watched the ladies come in who looked about 50 weeks pregnant and envied them. I wondered if that would ever be me. Guess what? That is now me. Yesterday we were watching a movie and I looked at my husband and said I cannot believe that this time tomorrow I could be setting in this chair nursing a baby. The reverse to that is this morning I was setting in the same chair and looked down and thought man I have gained a belly pooch. DUH!!!! You are pregnant, how do I keep forgetting that. I did get good news this week. I found out the reason my blood pressure was up is because I was on Sudafed. So no more Sudafed for me. My plans this week are to keep the house in working order, try to keep the laundry caught up and enjoy being pregnant. Do more things like take a nap with my kids. This weekend I took a nap with Grace. It has been a long time since she has really snuggled in and with me. Pamela


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