Thursday, July 2, 2015

Feeling Beachie

Hi! I am making you co-host of this week's blog hop. The statements are: 1._Ear infections___ is/are _consuming my life and breaking my heart.___ 2.Despite all the years of practice I _still can not make a perfect buttermilk biscuit or pie crust. ___ 3.If I go to a restaurant it must have _high chairs because I will always have kids and by the time mine are grown then the grand kids could be here.____ 4.I wish I had _paid closer attention to English ___ in high school, have you seen this blog. I would write more if I had a editor. Which is hilarious because I proof all my husbands college papers and he does amazing. I wanted to take a minute to say I am sorry, I love feeling Beachie but have been MIA the last few weeks. Friday is my main baking day for the farmers market and I am distracted. The code is:


pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Sorry about the ear infections- those are awful and so painful. Have you looked into food allergies causing them?

Patricia said...

Sorry about the earaches at your house. Hope all is well soon. As for the perfect biscuit or pie crust...relax there is no perfect in this world.

Hilary said...

sorry about the ear infections... I hope everyone feels better

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