Sunday, October 25, 2015


When we work on making soap we have to be super careful. Jacob agrees that safety comes first. 
This week we decided to use a ladder to make sure no littles came in the room. They could have easily came over the ladder or through it. It was a gentle reminder that they should not come in the kitchen. 

Sometimes we forget that kids  are kids and that even though they hear you when you speak they are kids. So just because I tell them to stay out of the kitchen they get excited and have to run in. Even though I say stay away from the road the ball will roll in the road and they will take off running without looking. 

So I try to put gentle reminders in place.

We have always played a game. We start the game when they learn to walk. We practice it even when they are ten. No matter where we are I will suddenly yell STOP. The game is to see who will stop the fastest. 
This helps as a gentle reminder that they need to listen. That way when we are walking through a parking lot and a car pulls out they will be able to stop without thinking about it. 
  I would love to hear some of the ways you help your kids obey. 
For me it is about learning for the long term. 


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