Thursday, January 28, 2016

Telling Lies

Jacob is not sick and having a asthma attack. Grace does not have a sore throat. 
My pastor did not resign this week. My husband is not away. My house is not a mess right now.  My car is not making a weird noise. Okay, that is what I am telling myself. 

The truth is all those things are going on and I am feeling over whelmed, I feel like I am mourning a loss and I am fighting a cold myself. I want to allow myself to whine then I remember. Broken legs heal and the snuggle time is nice. The house will be cleaned another day, my van still runs great. While my heart is breaking that my pastor will not be there to give me a hard time or that his wife is not there for Hope to talk with they are doing what they feel is best. Who am I to question that. I know God has huge things planned for them and for our churc h and this is where I stay in check. You see this week I thought about not doing my daily Bible reading. I know that I should not only do it because pastor encourages it. So I picked up my Bible and read and was blessed by what I read. 
Life is constantly changing and some times it is hard. That is okay, that is eve you pray more, read more and bless others more. So today I choose to be grateful for all I have and for the changes that are happening all around me. 


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