Sunday, February 14, 2016


What a week, my husband left for a trip, two children are sick and Jacob is really sick. He has pneumonia and bronchitis.
I thought he was getting better and did not take him to the doctor. One morning he seemed off so I took him in and sure enough his oxygen was at 88. 

Just as he was getting better he hurt his foot and did not walk on it for about 15 hours. I thought for sure that he would have to go in for a X-Ray. He is still favoring it but I think after a trip to the chiropractor he is feeling better. 

And finally it is the time of year that my daughter has lots of nose bleeds. Jacob decided to join her and act like his nose was bleeding. 

I think we are finally feeling better. I think we will still stay in the house another week to make sure. 


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