Thursday, September 1, 2016

jimmyCASE to the rescue

I don't know about you but I love phone cases. We have to have a phone (well in my opinion) so why are phone cases so inconvenient. I want to run into the store with phone and that is it. Only you end up with a wallet and a key chain and your phone. Then you end up loosing half of these items in the cart. It is a pain to deal with. Recently I found the cure to my problem. Have you heard of a jimmyCASE? This case seriously saved me. Not only am I not loosing my wallet but I have a spare hand for one of my many little blessings. You see not only do these cases look fun but they will hold my bank card, actually they will hold six cards. For me I just put the card I need and my car key in it. Then I am off. Have you heard of jimmyCASE? if not take a moment RIGHT NOW and look at the variety of chooses you have. I have a iPhone 6s case that is so it matches my husbands uniform. I know it sounds mushy but it helps me think about him. Okay, it reminds me not to spend a ton when I see my card. Totally joking. I have to mention a couple more things about my new jimmyCASE before I loose your attention. The elastic on this case is amazing. You can tell it was not put together quickly. I do not have to worry about it stretching out. Most importantly there is no flap to get in my way when I need to answer my phone.


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