Monday, September 18, 2017

Captain Mowatt's

Recently I visited Maine, when you visit some where you have to bring your spouse home something. On one of the tours we did we heard about this sauce. So of course I chose to bring it home. 

I love my husband because he is just plain ridiculous some times. First he put a tooth pick in the jar to taste the flavor. He decided it was not too hot. So he poured almost a half a bottle over his shrimp. When he was pouring it out a pepper came out. Of course he threw it in his mouth and chomped away.  That was not his smartest move. A hour later he could still not taste food. 

I love this man but next time I think I will buy him something that is a little tamer.  If I was reviewing this I would tell you that he loved the taste and would buy it again. 



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