Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update on Nursing

Nursing is going so much better. I have to be honest and say the first few weeks were rough. Not as rough with t others but rough. It is now in the enjoyable stage. I am so grateful to be able to nurse without feeling like I have to cover up now or hide in another room. I am fairly modest about it honestly. But on the other hand I will nurse wherever I am at. I always giggle at how people respond. When he was about a week old I was at the commissary setting in the bathroom nursing Jacob when a lady gave me the dirtiest look ever. I seriously was setting in the bathroom under a blanket. But then I was at a local yogurt shop recently and covered up and a little old lady looked at me and said “you are smothering that baby”. So my question to you would be, when do you cover up? For me I cover up at church. I also cover up when I am at my husband’s work. He does not care but I feel like all those young little soldiers do not need to be made to feel uncomfortable. I had to giggle recently. I took the baby in for his 2 week appointment and there must have been 30 soldiers in the waiting room. I sat down next to one to nurse the baby. The poor soldier knew what I was doing. About every 5 seconds I would see his head bob and look in my direction. I was covered up so it was not like he was trying to get a sneak peak. This baby is the loudest when he eats and I am sure it is hard not to look at those sounds. I felt bad for the guy. It honestly was hard not to laugh and draw attention to the situation. Speaking of nursing, I am writing this at 6am. I miss blogging but this little blessing loves to eat (almost hourly during the day). When he is not eating he is being held. I honestly do not mind because he is already growing up and it makes me sad. So I will enjoy every minute of our snuggle time. Pamela


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