Friday, October 4, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1) The best part of the day is _when the kids are busy and I am snuggling this new baby and feel no guilt about taking time to do it. ___ 2) The first thing I do in the AM is __take my thyroid medicine and weigh myself, I know I should not worry about weighing myself but I do. I will get back to trying to get in shape soon but not yet. I am down 40 pounds but have a ways to go. ____ 3) If I hear one more thing about _how many more kids we are going to have__ I’m going to _lie and say we are in competition with the Duggars and then walk away. __ 4) Tomorrow morning I am going to get my house straightened up and maybe even dusted and takes a very LONG nap. I love to nap. Pamela


Vicki said...

I know a couple who had 8 children and were only in their late 20's, and another couple who had 5 in their mid 20's.

I thinks it's nobody's business but your own how many children you have.

rorybore said...

honestly, some people got no manners. I only have 3 and even I get "are all these yours?" for 3!! People just need to stay in their own lane.

I feel ya on the fitness journey. I am trying to remind myself to take it slow, but with all the kids in school, I want to take advantage of this new free time I have to get back to a healthier me. But I never step on a scale. I don't want to have any numbers in my head - I just want to feel good.

hilary said...

Love your #3 - i think you should do it.. people are so rude!

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