Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good-Bye Mr. Guinea Pig

Good wonderful snowy morning. We woke up to snow which thrills the kids but reminds me I need to go buy hats and gloves. 
  Our first day was a adventure to say the least. The leasing agency was late which means the kids sat in the car a hour longer than they needed to. Then we stop at walmart to pick up another tote for last minute things and the toddler up chucks everywhere. Once we finally. Get on the road it is smooth sailing. We stopped for lunch and the toddler had two more accidents. This poor child acts like nothing is wrong but I feel horrible for him. The weather was great and the kids were great. They watched little rascals and I listened to Chonda Pierce in my blue tooth. 
  Sadly our guinea pig died on the drive. The first couple of hours he was climbing out of his box and being his normal self. At lunch my husband said he thought he was dying. I said no way he has been normal. Twenty minutes later Faith said mom the guinea pig is dead. I said no he is just sleeping and she responded with " mom he is on his side with his eyes open". 
  The guinea pig loss makes us sad because we have had him 2 years. We got him from a rescue who found him in the dump. Originally his name was Patch but he was called Sir Pee's A lot for obvious reasons. 
  I hate this for my kids. When we first moved to Bragg our cat of 18 years died. We were in the house 2 days when she died. 
  The picture I am showing was taken in the first hour of our trip. 


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