Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stomach Bugs

Today is a easy day except it is not. The plan was to get my hair done this morning and then go to my farewell and then dinner with friends. That was before we were up until almost midnight then the baby was up congested and the toddler was up all night with the stomach flu. 
Please oh please let him be the only one who gets the stomach flu. 
Seriously, please pray we can get some rest and that this stomach flu is gone quickly. 
This is one room of air mattresses. Tonight there will be more as we empty more rooms. 


Kate said...

Pamela, I saw the picture of your beautiful baby sitting on your lap, and I'm worried for him. The camera is showing his eyes white instead of red...and I know that you are already worried about his eyes. White eyes in photos could be a sign of retinoblastoma, please show this photograph to your doctor/optician. I love following your blog and I wish you all the best. Kate

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