Monday, December 8, 2014

40 Things About Myself

Today I turned 40, I cannot believe I am 40 years old. I thought this would be a great way to tell you about myself. How about I tell you 40 things about myself. Do you think I can come up with 40 things. 1. My first name is Pam but my dad wanted my name to be Gypsy Dawn. So glad my mom did not allow that. Although before I got married and worked in a drug store my initials were PMS. 2. I have red hair. Well I use to have red hair it is red and white now. Not really gray but white. My husband actually said it looks like a fire because of the different shades. I guess I should have this fixed soon. 3. I have freckles. Not as bad as my brother had but I have freckles. This was the first summer that I did not get freckles on my face. 4. I have been married for 19 years my amazing high school sweet heart. We dated in high school for three years then broke up for three years while we grew up and then got back together. 5. My husband and I almost got suspended in high school for smooching in the hallway. I was worried about it, although my mom would not have cared. He was completely okay with it even though his parents would have killed him. 6. I lived in about 14 houses growing up. Maybe that is why I have no problems moving now and love to unpack. 7. I love to write, really love to write but have horrible spelling. I need to pay closer attention as I teach my children. 8. I love having friends. Nothing makes me happier than a girls night out full of laughter. I love the energy it gives me. 9. I love to cook, I love to bake. I do not come up with very many ideas on my own but I love to cook. 10. I learn by watching other people. I need someone to set next to me and let me do whatever task I am learning several times. 11. I wish I would have tried harder in school instead of memorizing to get through the next test. I still find myself trying to do things quickly instead of taking the time to enjoy the learning process. 12. I have 7 children. I have four boys ages 18, 6, 4 and 14 months and one angel baby that would be 16. I have three girls that are 14, 12 and 9. I love having a large family and most days I hope we have many more children. 13. I was raised by a single mother. I often look back and wonder how she handled it alone for so long. A funny fact, by the time my mom turned 40 she was an empty nester. I cannot imagine not having kids at home any more. 14. I love to read, I love to cuddle up under a blanket and read a book with a cold drink. My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury. My friend Lori helped me with my reading addiction. I need her to move closer again. 15. If I had the money I would hire someone to come in and decorate my house. I have no clue how to decorate or what colors go together. For that matter they could dress my children too because once they are out of toddler clothes I am clueless. 16. I have big feet. Not like size 8 big feet. I have really big size 11 feet. I have always disliked that. Sadly, now two of my daughters also wear a size eleven shoe. I no longer complain because now we can share shoes. I really want cowboy boots and am tempted to buy them for one of my daughters just so I can borrow them. 17. I have really low self esteem. I have always had low self esteem. Even if I am teaching you how to do something I am second guessing myself constantly. I did a wonderful Bible Study called So Long Insecurities” and it really helped with this. 18. I love to talk. That may be a understatement. Is there a word that is stronger than love? Because if there is that would be the word we should use for how much I enjoy talking. 19. I am a morning person. I am such a morning person that my husband asked me early in our marriage to NOT get up with him in the mornings because I talk too much and I think we can conquer the world before he leaves for PT. We have gone to many Bible Studies that have said to wake up with your spouse. My husband looks at me and says NO. 20. I love to learn new things. I really want to learn to make decorative cookies. The kind with the icing on top. 21. I had a big sister through Big Brothers/Big Sisters growing up. I think if it was not for that family I would not have known what a real family should be like. 22. I was a bus kid growing up. I was on the church bus every time the doors were open. My favorite memory was of a lady named Mary who would give me a bag of candy and it was my job to give a piece to each person on the bus. 23. I had one brother who passed away 17 years ago. My brother was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. If my children are on tricycles in the drive way they have on helmets. Please make your children protect their heads at all times. 24. I have a step sister that I have not seen in 18 years. I have not talked to her in 12 years. I would love to get to know her. 25. I live in a 100 year old farm house. I love it 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time I wish we would have bought the new fancier house in town. 26. This is getting hard. My favorite colors are sage green and eggplant purple Both are stamping up colors. 27. I sleep better when my house is straight. My house will never have clean floors or empty laundry baskets but I love having everything being straightened up and in its place. 28. I am the opposite of a hoarder. I love to get rid of things. I love to give things away. We have bought so many things several things because when we stop using them I get rid of it. 29. I have curly hair. I did not have curly hair as a child. In middle school I permed my hair and since then it has been curly on its own. When I say cut I mean I looked like a boy it was so short. Why oh why did my mom not stop me. 30. I love to organize, give me a room to organize or a event to organize and I am thrilled. As long as I am not fundraising. I cannot stand asking people for money even if it is for other people. My son just informed me that I am a great multi-tasking. I actually do not understand why other people are not able to do ten things at once. 31. I am always on time. Okay, really I am always early. Not just 10 minutes early. If you invite me to dinner at 6 I will probably be parked down the street waiting until it is time to be there. 32. I dislike driving. If I never had to drive again I would be happy. I seriously do not like driving down the street. When we travel my husband does all the driving and I never sleep for longer than a couple of minutes at a time because I am freaking out. 33. I say freaking and crap way more than I need to. I actually say a lot of things that I wish I did not. I don’t know when I started talking this way but my goal is to change it. 34. I love being pregnant. I love feeling a baby move inside of me. I am always grateful that I am able to carry a baby. I am amazed at how the human body is made. 35. I have two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, 4 goats and 21 chickens. Now that we have a house we own it is hard not to become an animal hoarder. 36. I believe in adoption, I believe in taking care of your widows. I believe it is Biblical and we often forget about our widows or assume they have family. 37. I am crazy patriotic. I cry any time the flag is raised or lowered. I cry at every speech about our country. I get crazy emotional when I hear someone talk about our country in a positive or negative way. 38. I had the word obey taken out of my wedding vows. It is one of my biggest regrets. I wish we could renew our vows. This man deserves so much more than I give him. 39. Growing up I wanted to be a mom and a teacher. I am a mom and a teacher and even if every day is not easy I love it. 40. I am 40 years old; I guess that means I am officially an adult. I remember a friend getting a cake on her 40th birthday and thinking she already seemed so mature. Wondering if I will ever be that mature. Hmm, I think I am going to spend some time thinking what it means to be 40.


LifeAsAConvert said...

I am late to wishing you a happy birthday here, but in my defense I read this in a reader on my phone and have had it saved for when I had a chance on the computer.

I never would have guessed that you had low self esteem. I guess it is true that we learn to hide things well.

Those decorative cookies are so pretty. I think you would do a great job making them.

You continue to inspire me.

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