Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Life is a Joke

One day the prankers will come out with the cameras and tell me that my life is a joke. Because surely some of the things that happen to us can only be made up for TV. Last night we came home from church. My husband and I like to sneak over to the chicken coop when we come home late at night. Don't get any ideas, it is two minutes alone. As we walk over I hear the scream. The dog had gotten out. No big deal because it was Howie, Howie is slow and listens part of the time. He must have been chasing something because he was gone. So my husband took off running in his church clothes and shoes. My teen daughter and son came out and took off running. Again in church clothes and shoes. I got very nervous because Faith did not have a flash light and it was dark. I pulled the suburban into the field hoping to see them but no luck. Then I drove down a side road and could not find them. I pull back into my drive way when my phone rings. It is my husband and he was having a asthma attack. I tried not to panic, honestly I was panicing. I found his inhaler. Hope came running from the barn and took off running into the field. This means I now have three children out in a dark corn field, a husband having a asthma attack, a missing dog, or and a goat on the milking stand. I have my bright lights focused on the field. Finally I see lights, it takes about five minutes but they make it back in. My husband is okay and everyone is covered in mud. The goat gets put back in her pin. All muddy shoes get put in the washer and things are calm. NOT!!! First our washer has a leak in the door (one day I will tell you how we have the worse washer in the world and it is less than 2 years old), so as my husband is washing muddy shoes muddy water is running out the front of the washer and onto the bathroom floor. I walk upstairs to find Hope in her bed crying. She was scared and said mom I thought dad was going to die. Finally, the dog got bathed, the bathroom straightened up. The kids calmed down. All that is left is for me to scrub the mud and blood out of everyones clothes and shoes. All I will say is this dog better know how much we love him.


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