Saturday, February 7, 2015


I would tell you that I am normally a pretty grateful person. But recently God has been working on me. I am grateful for friends and for healthy children. We have had alot going on recently. We have had to have our well worked on and our septic tank has had major work, my husbands truck needed a new transmission and computer. We have also replaced a dishwasher and had our heater fixed and so many more things going on both personally and financially. My gratefulness was not there. I was becoming resentful of my old farm house and the time and money it was taking from us. I have had major pity parties because my children do not have grandparents close. James reminded me the other day that his grandpa is dead and I felt horrible for him. Both of his grandparents have died. I really feel like God is working on me. This week I was setting in the doctors office feeding my baby boy peanut butter crackers that I just stopped and bought. All the sudden I was almost in tears. It hit me that he asked for a snack and I gave him one. I did not think about rather I had a snack, rather I had food for the rest of the day. It hit me how many parents put kids in bed with empty stomachs. So why am I not being more grateful for all that I am giving. My goal is to start writting down what I am grateful for. So here is my starting list: 1. My children have two grandmothers who love them unconditionaly 2. I have a amazing farm house with plenty of landfor the kids to run around and play on. 3. My amazing handy husband has been home to do so many repairs 4. We have a home warranty that has helped alot 5. All of our bills have been paid hen they are due So my question to you is what are you grateful for this week? This week I am going to find ways to show others that I am grateful. I am going to choose to tell my husband I am grateful everyday.


Elizabeth said...

I am grateful I am healthy and that my mother is still here after her stroke.


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