Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

This weekend we spent time at great wolf lodge.  I know I have written about Great Wolf Lodge before but they deserve it again. 
Great Wolf Lodge is a indoor water park. What I love the most is that once you check in you never have to leave.  First, they have the water park that you can spend hours at and never get bored. My favorite part of the water park would be the life guards. These are not your typical life guards who stand around and chat, they are all business. They have eyes in the water at all times and I mean really in the water. Today I watched one jump in to help a little boy. I knew what was happening because they have a amazing whistle system. I have a firm belief that you should never and I mean NEVER rely on life guards. It makes me angry when people get mad at life guards for not keeping their kids safe. It is 100% percent the parents responsibility. But honest I have seven children of different ages. So since I do not have super powers I am glad I have the life guards to help me. 
So when you get tired of the water park you have several other options. They have a amazing arcade. Story time right before bed. A kids corner with lots of crafts. A spa for parents but they also have a spa for the kids.
Did I tell you about magic quest. It is like a scavenger game only better. Four floors of climbing and hunting for that special jewels or elements or creatures. 
Okay, so now you know about some of the entertainment but you do not know about the amazing food. The restaurant are amazing. They have so many options. My family always has to visit scoops. Sometimes for fudge or brownies. Sometimes for a caffeinated drink for the parents. In the water park they have food and drinks that are the perfect size. 
Oh you forgot something! No problem they have a gift shop and another shop inside the water park. I have actually bought a swimsuit inside the water park because the prices are amazing. 
 The last thing I will talk about is the rooms. We have been in a couple of different size rooms and have been comfortable in them. When you have a large family it is always interesting to find a room that is comfortable. They are beyond clean. 
Okay, I have one more thing to tell you about. The staff is amazing. I do not think they know the word no. I am someone who ask a lot of questions and request a lot of extras and they always try to accomadate us. 
This is not a paid post. This is just a mom who enjoys having her family together and feeling safe. 


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