Sunday, May 3, 2015

No Good Rotten Day Two

Day 2 of the no good rotten day. The day went well. We had a little rain. I actually like rain when I can enjoy it. I heard the wind blowing but that is normal. Let me tell you, when you are surrounded by corn fields you really hear the wind. 
Then a child got a little mouthy and went to bed early. 
That actually was a good thing because a few minutes later she started screaming. MOM THE TRAMPOLINE IS IN THE CORNFIELD, THE FENCE IS GONE. 
  So everyone takes off running. While my house is surrounded by cornfields we have a road close. So the teens ran out to get the trampoline to keep it from going into the street. 
   I am amazed at how the trampoline looked like a folded burrito when they got it back here. 
You know things like this only happen when your husband is away. 
You know what, I choose to say this was lot a bad day.  Because we are safe and we have wonderful friends who will come to fix the fence.


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