Saturday, November 7, 2015

How we Homeschool

This year we have five children being homeschooled. Several people have asked me how you homeschool when you have little ones. 
I will say it takes practice and patience. Some days go smoothly and some days we just laugh through it. The current plan is that I work with the littles while the big kids wake up and do morning chores and typically the baby is still asleep. The littles think it is fun and they are still up really early. 

I work with the three big kids in the morning while the littles play and wat h TV. Yes, they watch TV. I monitor what they watch and there are plenty of healthy things for them to watch (leap frog, veggie tales). During this time Jacob is running around between both rooms. I always have crayons at the table. 
  Then we have lunch. After lunch the big kids can finish up school and I can work with the littles more while the youngest two nap. 
  Some things that are helpful to me in keeping it together are to remember not every day will be the same. We will not get everything done everyday and that is okay. Because some days we get more than a days work done. 
And honestly some days we just give the baby pudding to keep him busy. 


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