Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Price of a Salad

Sometimes I get so angry. We recently went away. During this trip we decided to eat at the hotel. We had a couple of options for our family. We could order. Pizza for $12.99 that had 8 pieces or we could order salads. The salads were $8.99. They said this salad would feed 2-4. Let's be honest it fed one. 
  What angers me is that not everyone has the money to buy both like we did. So of course they would choose the pizza that feeds more. Seriously it had four slices of tomato and a few slices of cheese with the lettuce. 
  So since I am on this topic let me tell you some ways that you can eat healthy on the road. First, pack healthy snacks. We always pack apples and bananas and carrots with us. Stop at the closest store and pick up salads to eat in the room. Pack a cooler with water bottles and healthy juice to avoid buying vendin machine sodas. I am not going to lie we also pack granola bars and mini chocolate bars. We also pack popcorn. This sounds horrible but I love having popcorn in a hotel room because I do not have to vacuum it up. 


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