Monday, October 24, 2016

A Fall Update

Every day I think I will start really blogging again. I miss it, I miss sharing with friends and writing reviews. Sadly, I let pride get in my way. I let fear of rejection get in the way. Fear of bad reviews, of comments about how bad my grammar is. I honestly will probably still not take the time to review every sentence. But my goal is to come back. Life has been busy. But then again when isn’t life busy. Things are slowly slowing down. Farmer’s market season is over. I honestly miss it during the off season. You see, I enjoy my customers and getting to know them. I enjoy the baking that happens before farmers market. On the other hand I enjoy getting things done around the house. Part of our summer was spent getting my son ready for college. He has now been there seven weeks. He is doing more than I thought he would, he is more social than I thought possible. He seems happy and content. He still calls his momma every couple of days so I am happy. And finally, as of today we have a plan for Grace. We saw the pediatric endocrinologist this morning. The plan is do up her sodium intake and start her on thyroid meds. I know it does not sound like much but after three months it is a start. I am excited to find answers with her. Now that I have given you the update of what is going on, I think I can start fresh. So first on my list is to get my house under control. During the summer we live in survival mode and things just stack up. It drives me in sane. I worked on my craft room last weekend. Now I just need to find the time to actually work in my craft room. I have a ton of mending that needs done. I also have quilts that need made. Okay, they do not need made but I would love to make them. So now that you know my plans I would love to know your plans? IU


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