Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Annoys Me

What annoys you or causes you stress? Driving is probably my number one. I do not enjoy it very often. It stresses me out. This morning my daughter and I drove an hour away for a doctor’s appointment. On the way there I saw the signs that tell you how many people have died on that road this year. That number was 304. Seriously, that did not help me drive more careful. It just stressed me out. Maybe it will encourage others but for me it just scares me. Then I start thinking about all the things I have not done. All the things I need to take care. I am not worried about my eternity. I know I will be in heaven. I do worry about my husband and children. Who will cook for them or take them to the doctor? I know I am making a big deal out of nothing. So when I let worry consume me I take a moment to think about what brings me joy. Not many things annoy me but several things bring me joy. Cracker barrel with my daughter, my son’s sneaky face when he knows he is being naughty and how my husband can fix anything. Friends bring me joy. Spending time with friends at church or talking to a friend on the phone that I have not seen in years. Helping someone brings me joy. As winter comes I will struggle to keep a happy attitude. It will get to cold to be outside or even let the kids outside to run off some energy. I am determined this year to not be discouraged this year but to allow myself to use this time to work on some fun projects. I will make a meal for a friend or try a new dessert. How do you handle stress or things that just annoy you?


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