Sunday, July 7, 2013

31 Weeks and Growing

Grace said from day one that she wanted to be in the delivery room with me. Grace is 7, no wait, make that 7.5. When the subject first came up it was because I thought maybe my 13 year old would want to be there. She did not; she was very serious about not wanting to be there. But Grace was very serious that she wanted to be there. So we started talking about what would happen and what to expect. She was sure she wanted to stay by my head and understood she may have to leave at some point if the doctor wanted her to. The funny thing is that honestly I would be okay not having anyone in the room with me. I know that sounds weird. But I am someone who does better on my own. The other day I was driving down the street and discussing with my 16 year what his options are for when the baby comes and who he could stay with. From the back seat Grace said “WAIT, you did not say that I could go to my friend’s house”. I reminded her that of course she could spend the time at her friends. She quickly decided that she wanted to be with her friend and not at the hospital. I had to laugh, Rob says often that her cord was never cut and she is still attached to me. I assumed that she wanted to be the first one to see the baby. When really all she just wanted was not to stay home with a sitter. This child of mine cracks me up and keeps me guessing all the time. I cannot wait to see how things go with this baby. Will it be fast like the last three or will it take hours like the first one. Will he make it to 40 weeks like Michael or even 42 weeks like Hope. Or will he come at 35 weeks like Faith. I am just glad that he has not decided to come early like Grace and am enjoying every minute of being pregnant. This week I am 31 weeks. This baby moves a ton and I really think he is jumping around because my stomach bounces. He also has me up several times a night going to the bathroom. Pamela


Katherine Blackford said...

That's so sweet! It's funny how a 7-year-old's mind works, lol. I'm with you on being alone in the delivery room. I've only ever had my husband but neither time I really noticed him. I was too focused on delivery a baby!

Thanks for linking up at Babies and Beyond again this week.

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