Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weird Animals

My animals are crazy. I do not know if animals realize I am pregnant or not but they sure act like it. The cat is on my lap every time I sit and this is not like her. The dog is just crazy. The other night my husband was putting cocoa butter oil on my stomach. As soon as the dog saw it he started licking my stomach. I think it is pretty gross if you ask me. It was so funny that I could not stop her until I took a picture. Even my baby boy has become snuggly with my belly. It is so cute, he just walks over and smells my belly and lays his head down. Then a few minutes later he walks away. One of the things I always wanted was for the dog to sleep with me. Sadly, until recently she would not calm down enough to lay there. She is a crazy dog. Maybe they all realize how much I love being pregnant. Did your animals go nuts when you were pregnant or are my animals just weird? Pamela


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