Friday, July 25, 2014

Feeling Beachie

Oh dear Feeling Beachie I have missed you. I do not know where my weeks have gone but things have been crazy and wonderful and busy. The statements: I find ___the Bible_________very __interesting, hard to understanding, comforting and my guide book._____________ My favorite ___dessert____ is__a sampler of banana pudding with a brownie and ice cream and maybe a piece of hot apple pie on the side.___ Why do I always _talk down to myself, expect more than I am capable of doing and then build others up and remind them of the truth about how wonderful they are doing___? My favorite time of the day is ___early morning, before anyone else wakes up_______ because __I can get things done, I can listen to the birds and the goats talking and then breath. I love my kids but it gives me time to think. _______ Pamela
Feeling Beachie


Hilary said...

I missed you too!
I love the AM before anyone wakes up!

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