Friday, September 12, 2014

Feeling Beachie

The statements: 1. The beach is _calling me, warm and sunny and oh the sound. Please just for a few hours.____ 2. Smartphones are __addicting and helpful and full of problems and making us anti-social and I cannot live without mine.__ 3. I like to _sing. I am not good at it but I love to sing___ 4. My dream ___gift___________ would be __to allow my husband to retire and stay home full time. Give him time to fish and hunt and help with math and finish college and rest his back and his lungs and not worry about deploying or his health. ___________
Feeling Beachie


retired not tired said...

Retirement is definitely everything they say it is. Hopefully you can be retired soon.

Ida said...

The beach does that to you doesn't it.
Yes, "anti-social" is a bad thing about those phones.
I love singing too.
Oh I like what you wish for your hubby, I'd like the same for mine. He works so hard and has back problems.

Elizabeth said...

Smartphones do make us anti-social. So true.

Great answers.

ENJOY your weekend.

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Rory Bore said...

You summed up the cell phone thing perfectly. It may be a blessing that mine has a small memory so I cannot download a ton of apps that will distract me. That's a nice wish for your husband - bless him and hopefully it's one that will come true one day.

Hilary said...

i want to quit mine for a little while but that phone keeps calling my name

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