Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Strong Bonds Part 2

So where were the kids durning our marriage retreat? They were with us. Would it be nice to leave them with family YES. But sadly military life does not allow you the luxury of living close to family. I will say we have gone to two marriage retreats with kids and both have had amazing child care. The Childcare makes each child feel special and loved and wanted. They were so patient with my children. 
 Not only did my children have amazing Childcare but our retreat was held at Great Wolf Lodge. So when we did not have class we could play in the water park. Dad took the bigger kids out in the evening to play some of the bigger games. 
 In saying all this I would be wrong if I did not take a moment and Bragg on Great Wolf Lodge. They were amazing. This truly is a place you can stay and not leave for several days. Of course they have amazing water parks but did you know they have amazing resteraunts and arcades and a bowing alley.  Did you know that every evening they have story time and several other free events.
Oh and when mom needs a break they have a spa for mom. My large family easily fit into our room. The staff is amazing and patient with the kids. Each person acted like they wanted to be with us. 
  Oh and the safety is unlike you will find anywhere else. A million and one life guards.  Life guards who are focused on a job not talking to each other. I am always amazed at how comfortable they make me feel. While I totally feel it is the parents responsiblity to watch there children, I realize I only have two eyes. 
  And when you have a wardrobe malfunction they have just what you need. Not only did my husband replace his swim suit but it did not cost a small fortune. 
  I am beyond grateful to those who organized this event, paid for this retreat. I am also grateful for a hotel that made my family feel safe and comfortable. 


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