Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chicken Poo

I have said it before but will say it one more time. My family needs a camera crew watching them.
Sometimes I forget how much out lives have changed. I never believed this would be my life. And while I love it I will admit it takes some time to get adjusted. 
Let me explain. We have animals that we care for every day. We have shoes that we are suppose to wear to take care of these animals.
Sadly sometimes someone forgets what shoes they wore earlier in the day. 
Today was Faiths first chiropractor appointment. I was not in the room when she was being adjusted but heard what happened. Appearantly while adjusting her our amazing chiropractor got something on her hand. The kids took great delight in telling her it was okay because it was only chicken poo not goat poo. 
I just have to ask when did it become socially acceptable to walk around with any poo on your shoe? 
I cannot believe we have lived here 10 months. I love living here. I love having all of our animals. I however think we need to get more organized with our clothes. 


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