Monday, November 24, 2014

Pampered Chef

Do you remember me saying I had a pampered chef party recently? I just took a minute to add up my free stuff. This picture does not cover all that we got because some of it is Christmas gifts. 
After all is said and done I ended up with over $300 in free things. 
Did you know pampered chef has lots of options. You can have a in home party or a on line party. Actually most of my party was from outside on line orders. 
I am so excited about this show that I have decided to re activate my consultant status. If you are interested in hosting a show or ordering you can click here. This is a great way to order your Christmas gifts and have them shipped right to the person. Can you imagine not having to leave your house to shop or going to the post office. 
Plus you are helping me reach my goal.


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