Thursday, April 2, 2015

Little Brother is Always Watching

Grace has started to pray on her knees. I love that she is willing to do this. But this morning during devotions Jacob thought this meant she wanted to wrestle and ran over and started hitting her in the back. Needless to say but our quiet time was over. 
 When big brother got put in the corner for not obeying Jacob joined him. Yes I know it is silly to put your 18 year old in the corner. I said whoever did not do chores would stand in the corner. It is more about knowing the younger kids are watching and learning from his actions. 
The other day when we were praying he decided to just hug his big brother. I am going to be honest there are days, lots of days I want to skip our morning devotions. We have a lot to do and the kids are taking forever to do morning chores. Then these moments happen and I remind myself why we start our day in the Word. 



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