Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Good Rotten Day

The no good rotten day. Have you read that book? Cute book but sometimes I think I live that day. Only for me that day was yesterday and it was not a day but a couple of hours. 
  We set down for dinner and the baby throws his plate to the floor. No big deal, right? So I feed him off my plate. Then I realize when I am not looking he is taking it out of his mouth and throwing it. No big deal, right? So I take him away from the table and finish eating. He goes into the kitchen and dumps a huge box of cereal all over the floor. Okay, now it is becoming a big deal. 
As I am getting him dressed I hear screaming from the kitchen. The dog has been sick in the kitchen. Not normal so I tell myself, no big deal. Then the four year old starts playing in it before I can get done changing the baby. Now I am just mad and annoyed but tell myself it is okay because we have church in a hour and u can let everyone go to class and set and listen. Oh wait, I have nursey. No big deal because I honestly love working in the nursery. At least no one throws a plate of food at you.  At this point I call my husband who is away with work to complain and he says well your day can't get any worse. 
  So we leave for church but I have a soap delivery on the way. Drop off the soap. As I am walking back to the car I swallow a bug. As I am gagging I am telling myself okay this is not a huge deal. Only I start gagging. The kids won't stop talking and someone is patting me on the back. In the end I am in a strange neighborhood Upchucking in the middle of the road. THID IS A BIG DEAL! You see in the last 18 years I have only upchucked one or two times. I cannot handle up chuck. 
So I call my husband after I calm down. Did I mention he is staying on the beach. You know open the door and you see ocean. His reply was, oh your day can get worse. 
  Honestly he is the best husband ever and would do anything if I asked him to. But really what can he do when he is far away.  We went to church and the day got better. There is something about being near believers that reminds you how great your day really was. 


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