Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. without fail, whenever I fly_I have a baby in my arms or one who just learned to crawl so they do not want to be held. _ 2. I used to be_scared to wear anything but a skirt to my ankle and huge shirts, now I want something more flattering. __ 3. When I _sneeze__ I _have to cross my legs and hope nothing else happens. __ 4. My greatest fear is __my husband being sick and not being able to take care of him and the kids at the same time. ____. Pamela


Judy said...

i thought everyone crossed their legs when they sneezed. I know I do too!

Susi said...

I used to always have an infant or toddler on my lap when we flew. It's been a while and the kids are older now... I'll have my own seat next time we fly!!! :)

Claudia Willison said...

Unfortunately I don't have kids, but sometimes on the airplane I do not envy parents... :)

hilary said...

sorry, number 3 made me laugh!

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