Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

I love fill in the blank Friday. I love getting to know other people. This is one of my favorite blogs ever. This week she was on the Katie Couric show. Can you imagine? The statements are: 1. When I am in a _lonely___ mood I _start thinking about what I can do for others. __ 2. When I ¬¬¬_was little__ I _wanted to be a nun and I was not even Catholic. I love the orderly life style.__ 3. If I could donate a ton of money to a charity it would be_small charities, things like helping foster families give foster children a better life____ because _there is no one publicly saying this child does not even own a Bible or decent pair of shoes.______. 4. I like to visit __real family blogs, not specific like cooking or crafting__blog(s) because _I want to feel like I know the person. I want to feel like I know the person.__ Please know I love cooking and crafting blogs but when I want to feel good I read about real people. Pamela


Claudia Willison said...

Love your nos. 3 + 4 :)

These are my four fill ins this week @ ImagesByCW

Susi said...

I agree with donating to smaller charities because they do such important work and never get enough funding. Also, number 4 is very true. I like to go to cooking blogs when I see an interesting recipe, I'm not a big crafter so I usually don't go to those types of blogs. But I love reading other family blogs and see what their life is like. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

Judy said...

I like real people blogs as well. I don't cook however I knit and crochet and have enough projects to last a life time.

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