Friday, February 28, 2014

Feeling Beachie

The statements: 1. I _want to lose weight___ but not _by exercise, isn’t there a magical pill I can take so I can eat a cheesecake. ____ 2. _Cheesecake__ is my favorite __dessert_and I do not care if it is turtle cheesecake or plain cheesecake._ 3. When it _snows__ I __stay inside and look at how pretty it is but I do not go out on the roads because I am a wimp.__/li> 4. Once upon a time __is a show I started watching to see if it was okay for my daughter________ but now ___I cannot stop watching it. Why do I get sucked into this stuff. I watched all of Lost because my son wanted to watch it.________ Okay, I love number 4 so I am going to do it again. Once upon a time, I was not a mother, but now I am the mother of seven and my life has never been better. Once upon a time, I was single but now I am happily married and I would not change that for anything. Once upon a time, I was lost. But now I am free and saved.
Feeling Beachie


retired not tired said...

I got sucked in watching Criminal Minds and CSI because of my children. I will not watch Criminal Minds by myself. (too scary)

Kisma said...

A mother of 7! God bless you! Oh my stars! Congrats and here is to a great weekend full of cheesecake!

Unknown said...

oh turtle cheesecake is awesome!! I don't normally go for cheesecake, but that one cannot be resisted.
I love the show Once Upon A Time! I can't wait for it to come back on --- the actress who plays Snow White is pregnant in real life and I cannot wait to see if they write it into the show and give her and Prince Charming another baby!! sssqqueeee!

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