Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nursing and Feeding

This is my life. My life revolves around feeding this little blessing. I schedule my day around when he needs fed. I stop whatever I am doing whenever he wants to feed him. You know what I do not mind. He needs me and I love that. I love that he holds on the whole time. I love that he puts his little hand over my mouth when he is nursing so I cannot talk. This is the perfect time to talk to him, to pray over him. I have been nursing on and off for 17 years and I am still amazed that my body produces milk and I can feed my children. 
We started the other kids off on cereal at four months. This little one is five months and I am just not ready yet. I think this time we will let him decide when he wants real food. He did have several bites of dad's Greek yogurt the other day. I was nervous because that seems so harsh but it did not bother him one bit. 
   When did you start your kids on baby food? 


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