Friday, February 28, 2014


When we moved into this house we decided to downside on things. One of the things that we decided was to get rid of cable. Which means we have been watching a ton of Netflix. 
 The other day we watched about food trucks. Our favorite food truck was the waffle truck. One of the waffles had peanut butter and bananas on it. I could not wait to wake up the next morning and make waffles. So I made waffles for breakfast and some to freeze. 
  It was nice to make something to put into the deep freezer. I cannot wait to re stock our deep freezer. 
And in case anyone wants to buy me anything I would love a food truck. 


Courtney @ LifeAsAConvert said...

Oh man, I need a waffle maker just so I can make some for my freezer. I love peanut butter, fruit and yogurt on my waffle and pancakes.

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