Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Appliance

Our washer broke. As in shake the house, scare ten years off my life broke. Did I tell you about that. Well it did. 
So we went washer shopping. We thought about buying a pay as you go washer for the ones who wash the same clothes over and over. 

I love the new washer. It is so much bigger. I did not want a bunch of extra features but it has them. We did not but the matching dryer. That was hard and I know my amazing husband would have if I asked. I just could not bring myself to buy a new dryer for looks. 
  It will bug me every time I look at this mismatched set. But every time I look at it I will ask myself what am I doing with the blessings God is giving me. Do I want to live my life in debt?  Today I will be grateful that we had the money for a new applicance when we needed it. The funny part of this is how Grace can not reach into the washer without a chair. She assured me it was her washer. She now allows me to unload it. 


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