Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No Guilt Zone

This is a silky picture but I wanted to explain. Today I turned on Where the Red Fern Grows. I am tired and we are done with school. The baby is just now laying down. Our friends who were visiting this morning have gone. So for the first time in a year I turned on a movie and told the boys they had to rest. They could choose to watch the movie or take a nap. 
   I say all this to tell every mom who is reading this that it is okay to have a quiet time in your day. 
  I learned a long time ago by several wise women that a wife should take time in the afternoon to rest. To encourage the kids to rest. That way when your hero (your spouse) comes home you are not exhausted. I do not rest often but I also do not feel guilty when I need to rest. 
  How do you keep going? How do you make it through the day when the baby is not sleeping or your insomnia is in high gear. 


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