Monday, March 9, 2015

The Noise that Woke our House

Have you ever felt fear. Keep you awake for hours longer fear. One night I went to bed and had just fallen asleep which is not normal for me. Then I heard the noise. The noise I will never forget. I swear I thought a train was running through my house or a twister was in my backyard. I have never heard such a noise. I jumped up and started grabbing the kids and telling them to run downstairs. Just as I was running back to my room to grab the baby the noise stopped. 
Appearantly, the washer was off balance and was shaking the house. Shaking so hard that it put a hole in the wall. 
Everyone went back to sleep and I laid in bed and tried to get my heartbeat to slow down. I had some thoughts. We have not gone over our fire plan. I was running around in my underwear. Glad I did not have to run outside. Why did I leave the baby in the bed when I got out of the bed. Why did my son who sleeps downstairs next to the bathroom not wake up. So glad my husband was home. This is one more thing that needs fixed.


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Eek, that would have frightened me too!

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