Monday, June 8, 2015

Farmers Market

The farmers market is going at full speed and I am loving it. I love the baking and the packaging.
I love my regular customers and I love meeting the new customers. 

I love explaining to customers that we grind our own wheat and that we make our soap using milk from our back yard. 

I look around at the other vendors and think about how much work each one vendor has put into what they are bringing. They do not just wake up and show up. They plant and they grow, the wash, they cut, they organize, they load and unload product. They wake up while most are still sleeping to make sure that you have access to local  home grown and  home made products. They can tell you exactly what is in the products you buy. They are sharing with love. 

Let  me encourage you to support your local farmers market and the vendors who are there. 


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