Saturday, February 28, 2009

father daughter banquet

This was such a special night, Hope woke up this morning and said "guess what today is the father daughter banquet" she was so excited. Yesturday I went to burlington Coat factory and found matching dresses for the girls. So we took Grace just long enough to have pictures taken, then DH took her to a friends. I wish I could figure out how to put pictures on here so I could type what they were. The theme this year was western, most girls dressed in blue jean and cowboy boots and some still dressed up. Dinner was pulled pork and beans and cold slaw and everyone brought desserts. Hope decided she did not want the barbaque and had a pickle sandwhich, yes a pickle sandwhich. All of the acts were perfect and so sweet, I loved watching DH dance with the girls, especially to Cinderella. Some how the girls even convinced Dh to wear his class A's. He would never wear it for me. Faith did a puppet show with the other girls in her troop. I can not wait to get the pictures they took and if i can figure it out I will attach the video of DH dancing with the girls.



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