Saturday, February 21, 2009

UGGGGGGGGGG, car dealerships

We took the van in for a weird noise and they said they had to order the parts but that we needed new brakes on our van we have had less than a year. Dh says he will do it, instead of paying the almost $300. So he gets the brakes and is out putting them on, he comes in upset and wants to show me something. He asked me to look at the new brake and the old and tell him which was new and which was old. I of course got them backwards. I thought the new ones look worse than the old ones. He says our brakes look GREAT and he was right, I can not believe they said i need new brakes when I no where near did. The bad part is we still have to take our van back to these people on Tuesday to do the repair work covered under our warranty. YUCK, I am glad I have a husband to handle this one. We will still need to have the tires rotated this week. Another thing that is weird but that will get it's own post.


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