Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The month of the Dog

We love our dogs but this is a big month with them, I would love to take a current picture but my camera is not working this morning.
We took all the animals in for shots last week. Yesterday Curly went in to be bathed and groomed. This morning our big dog blue is going in to be neutered. This is hard and i hope someone can help. Blue is leaving our home soon. When we move we will not have a fence and therefor can not have Blue. Blue has some aggression issues and i would not recommend he goes to a house with kids. My kids are not happy about this and honestly i am a little sad myself. But i know we are making the right choice. We will be taking him to the ARK. This is a no kill shelter. I just hope they can find him a good home. okay here is curly after the groomer, i would never dare post a pre picture because that would be too embarrassing. I love how he is trying to get under the chair to avoid letting us taking his picture.


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