Friday, February 20, 2009

Grace's mess

One of the reasons i wanted to start a blog is to remember all the things that happen. So let's get startd Tuesday night i was on chatting on line with a friend when a friends son knocked on the door to tell me that my 3 year old was climbing on my kitchen cabinets. I had the blinds open. So i yelled for her to get down. Several minutes later I hear her pouring something. What was that noise, surely not water because she had already been told to not get back in the water. it was milk. She was trying to make cold tea, her new drink of choice. How do you make cold tea, let me give you the reciepe:

1 bottle new A1 sauce

1 Dora yogurt

1 fruit 2O

800 count jumbo toothpicks

Alot of powedered sugar spread all across the kitchen

a galloon of milk

total cost: about $10

worth every penny for the pictures

Do you think she earned her lesson, we shall see, I will say she did have to clean most of it up by herself and by looking at the pictures you can tell she is not happy.


Family American Style. said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is a mess. But she had fun. They are great pictures.

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