Saturday, February 21, 2009

My week at a glance

What a crazy week we are going to have. I am trying to get caught up on things like laundry now so that it will go smoother.
is the normal back to school and chores day, then Michael has a Dr appointment and then curly goes to the groomer and i know we are going to be screamed at for not bringing him earlier

drop blue off at 7am to be neutered and then Faith and Hope have speech and then a double length of piano and then pick up blue and then rob and Michael have boy scouts

van goes back in the shop to get new rods put on
hope has a 8am dental appointment
We have Awannas
seems like something else i can not remember
help Michael shop for camp out for boy scouts, he is the cook and has to buy all the food and have it organized
need to take van in to have tires rotated and everything checked

co-op 8-12:30
heritage girls 3-4pm
me getting a pedicure
rob will load everything and make sure it is packed for the camp out

rob and Michael leave for a boy scout camp out
the girls and i will do laundry
normal school and clean up

pack for trip,
clean house really well
rob and Michael come home
unload camping stuff and wash what is dirty
get girls ready for father daughter banquet that night
come home and load van
go to bed

leave early and i mean like 3 or 4 for Disney
i also need to print directions, make a itinerary for the week, make sure we have the dogs and my taping for school covered. keep up with school and the house.
so needless to say i am trying to keep laundry and things caught up because if i do that then everything else is easy to do and I love packing so that is not a issue if the laundry is done.


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