Saturday, April 25, 2009

sleepovers are fun

Faith had a sleepover last night and they had so much fun. I have whited out the little girls face because she I did not get permission to put her on the blog. We started out sleep over by taking a trip to the commissary to pick up frozen pizza and desert. Then we came home and had pizza and for desert they had mini pies with marshmallows and chocolate chips. You take a mini graham cracker crust and put marshmallows and chocolate chips or whatever other snack you like and bake at 350 for 8 minutes. It tastes just like a indoor smores.

This morning we made pancakes and then they made flubber. It was so simple to make it. Grace decided to taste the glue and then I had to stop her from tasting the flubber. We did not get a chance to make play dough. Maybe next time. We did go back to the playground this morning. Ooh before I forget the sweetest thing ever happened last night. I let Grace sleep with me last night and she rubbed my back until she thought I was asleep. It was so precious. After the playground the girls were hot and red faced so I decided what better way to end a sleepover than to have ice cream for lunch. The little girl that stayed with us said that was crazy.



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