Saturday, February 2, 2013

8 Week Check-Up

So I had my first OB appointment this week. It was almost comical. I got there and they did not have my file pulled and the nurse was irritated. Then they did vitals. They said I had lost almost 2 pounds in the last week. Not true but I will take it. They gave me the breastfeeding kit; they had been out of them at my intake. I almost laughed when I realized it was a cooler bag full of formula. So now it is time for the doctor. I was looking forward to hearing the baby’s heart beat but reminding myself that it was still early and sometimes it is hard to find. So the doctor walks in. Short skinny man, with the friendliest smile ever. I am describing him because you are going to wonder why I was not screaming in a minute. He looks over my records and asks a few more questions. Then he asks me why I am there. I said because the OB intake made the appointment. She said that because I was high risk I needed to be seen soon. I also informed him that she requested an ASAP ultrasound to give an accurate due date. He looked at my chart again (okay file on the computer). Got mad and left the room. A few minutes later he came back and informed me that there was no reason for me to be there. That at 7 weeks nothing could be done. That the other doctor over reactive because my file over whelmed her. He kept reminding myself that I was an intelligent women and I knew how to be pregnant and did not need him to tell me what to do. I explained some concerns. The main one being that I have had several days of cramping. He asked if I had gone to the ER for it and I said no. There is nothing they could do for it anyways. He reminded me again of how smart I was and that I knew what to do. He also told me I did not need a dating ultrasound. That I have been pregnant multiple times and smart enough to know when I got pregnant. So after setting in his office for an hour he sent me home. He did not even touch me. He said because I was cramping he would wait for the pelvic exam. He said I could keep the ultrasound appointment and he would see me a couple of days later to go over the results. He did say all of my blood work and pregnancy hormone levels looked normal. I also asked him why my pants already feel tight even though I have not gained weight. He reminded me of my age and how many babies I have already had. With my last pregnancy I was 6 months and still did not quite look pregnant. I am hoping that is not the case. I personally think you should find out you are pregnant on Monday and be huge by Friday. I was very calm and while I did tell him that I have many children at home who need me I was not going to pitch a fit because of the wasted time. He told me he was going to pitch a fit over wasting my time. So here I am 8 weeks pregnant and know nothing new. My ultrasound appointment is on a Friday night at 9:30pm. Is that not the craziest thing you have ever heard in your life? Maybe I will make a date night of it with my hero. So how am I feeling? I am super excited to be pregnant. I cannot wait to see what this blessing is. I cannot wait to feel him/her move. Sadly, we have had so much going on that I have not allowed myself to set and really enjoy it. I do have a question? Where does one buy maternity clothes and are they even worth it? Pamela


Jennifer Smith said...

I somehow missed your announcement! Congrats. :)

lindseylu said...

OMG Pam. I would have been furious! What a ridiculous time at a doctors office! I agree, make the ultrasound a date night. It's so fun for your husband to be there with you. And you'll for sure hear the heartbeat on the ultrasound-- we heard all 3 of our boys heartbeats by 7 weeks on the ultrasounds.

As far as maternity clothes... I get mine from Motherhood, and I borrow a lot from friends. Also, check consignment shops (I just realized that Goodwill has maternity clothes too, and most of the ones at our Goodwill store were in good condition, just not my size). Ebay is another good spot for maternity clothes, but you kind of have to know what size you are for it to work (which is why I've never bought on there because I'm scared I'll get it in and it won't fit right). Hope that helps!

Lindsie Nutt said...

Motherhood is overpriced go to Raleigh I forgot the name sister store to it way more clothes still overpriced but more sales and cuter clothes worth the drive.

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