Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where do I get my strength

I mentioned before that we are struggling with some things at our house. It is teaching me to rely on God. Reminding me daily that the only control I have is to rely on him. With my personality that is hard to do. Sometimes I feel so lost and alone and then I am reminded that he is there. Let me give you a couple of examples. Please know this is not bragging but showing you how God has been there. Faith had her first real babysitting job this weekend. She did great. On Sunday she showed me she got paid (something that was not expected). After church I asked Faith for her money. The kids do not keep money at our house. We put it in their bank accounts. They can still spend it as they like but not worry about losing it. When I asked Faith for her money she said “oh I put it in the offering”. We questioned her on if she put all of it in the offering (we are not talking a couple of dollars). She said “mom, I did not have change and I do not always have money for offering so I thought I would just give all I had”. Tears that she was willing to do that. I think I need to take a lesson about being willing to give more. This picture of Grace and I is very special. I was at a Bible study and they were doing zumba. Grace decided she wanted me to hold her. Which is great because I do not like to do zumba in public. Anyways, we have been talking about baptism because they are having a baptism ceremony at our church next week. Grace had asked me if she could be baptized and I said we would talk about it. So during zumba I said Grace Do you know what you have to do before being baptized. She said yes get saved. I then asked if she had been saved. She informed me that she had been saved. When I asked when she said on the trampoline. She was alone on the trampoline one day and decided that was the time. I then went through the steps because I wanted to make sure that she understood what she did. She said oh mom I ask God to forgive me of my sins every day when I do wrong. That is what you are supposed to do. She gets it, she really gets it. I was shocked not that she got it but that she took it upon herself and needed no one with her. I don’t know why it shocked me because she is very independent. So today I will remind myself that even when I feel I am failing my children that I am not and they are getting what they need. And what they need is not always a perfectly clean house or to do school 5 grades above average. What they need is to have a heart for God. Pamela


Aimee said...

Love your heart for God and your willingness to trust Him!

paperblessings said...

Pam, this is a beautiful reminder of our main "job" in mothering. Not that they succeed by worldly standards but that they follow Christ and go where He leads them with all their hearts, minds and souls. Thanks for sharing this post.

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