Sunday, February 24, 2013

Public Speaking

I was recently asked to give a speach about weight loss and how you can maintain it. It was comical because I worked on it and worked on it. Then went to class (a Bible study), when it was my time to speak it lasted about 3 minutes and was over. It was with ladies who all knew me so half of what I planned was not needed. It was fun to make a poster and see the difference in the pictures. Do you feel comfortable speaking in public? I have only done it a couple of times and honestly it is not something I consider fun. I do not mind if it is in front of children but my words get squished together when adults are involved. Pamela


Stevie Luplow said...

Only with certain things am I okay to speak in public.

I had to do an oral project on a research topic. I picked rape since it was something I had gone through and felt it would be a good healing tool for myself.

I was so nervous about the presentation but when I finished I had so much more support in my healing path and it was a huge step in my healing process...I never knew how much it held onto me and brought me down until I released it through this project.

I still don't talk about it openly and freely very often...when I do it feels I brush it off as "no big deal" but it really is. I just finally gave it over to God and it isn't a big deal in my own life now.

Now...I'm working on the weight loss issue and becoming healthier for me and my kids.

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