Sunday, June 16, 2013

28 Week Update

What a week, I will start by saying I am feeling so much better. I woke up yesterday and felt great. I got the house straightened up and laundry caught up. Not that you can tell now. I have to be honest and tell you I have gained 30 pounds, trying not to be upset about it and just enjoy it. As much as it bothers me I know there is a honey bun calling my name for breakfast. I am waking in the night hungry. I do not see the OB this week, I do go in for my shot tomorrow but that is it. The outfit in this picture is Hope’s favorite. She says it makes my belly look really big. I love how Grace is holding up my belly. I am so excited that this Saturday I get to go to an event called “Boots & Booties”. It is for 1,000 pregnant or new moms. I am so excited to see what it is about. One of the prizes is a 2013 Chevy Chase. I cannot even imagine winning that. The only question I have is what I wear. Something that is comfortable but makes me look pregnant. I don’t know why I worry I do not look pregnant. Physically I am feeling great but I think I got my dehydrated than I realized last week because my skin is drier than it has been in weeks. Twenty-eight weeks this week, I am enjoying this more than ever. I love being pregnant. Pamela
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