Sunday, June 23, 2013

29 Week Update

29 Weeks, did you hear that I am 29 weeks pregnant? I can hardly believe it. I am in love with being pregnant. Some days I feel very pregnant and some days I wonder if I am. This is definitely a crazy active little boy. The stomach bug is over, well for me any ways. At 29 weeks this little blessing is over 2 pounds and is 17 inches long. That is 3 inches longer than my last baby girl was at birth. This week I went to a baby shower for 1,000 pregnant and new moms. I cannot wait to tell you more about it. I will say it was amazing to see so many pregnant mommas and all those teeny little babies made me giddy to hold mine. I guess it is time to get serious. We still do not have a car seat and so many other things. I am hoping to get serious next month while my husband is on leave. I have to explain these pictures. I have never taken a bathroom picture of myself. I took my daughter to the movies for her birthday and while I was there I realized just how tight this shirt had gotten. When I got home I changed into pajamas and the minute I walked into the kitchen my daughter said "FREEDOM". She was so funny but man was she right. Right now I cannot handle anything pushing on my stomach. I do not remember being this way with the other pregnancies. Pamela


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